The need for content today is ever expanding as consumers consume digital media at unprecedented rates. At Floor 84 Studio we believe that mobile is a lifestyle and it defines the digital landscape. With our 17+ years of experience, strategy development and industry relationships, F84 continues to craft content for Multi-Platform audiences that is readily available in the palm of their hand.  

Branded Entertainment

This iconic piece of American nostalgia has seen trans-formative success in the modern digital space under the direction of Floor 84 Studio. F84 has engaged the brand domestically while simultaneously activating the beloved icon abroad (Tutsi). F84 has reinvented the physical representation through an interactive engagement experience, cross-platform.

Program Highlights:
  • Contemporary Reinvention of an American Nostalgic Brand
  • Native iOS & Android, Match 2 Gameplay
  • Facebook Instant Game for Integrated Social Programming
  • Culturally Localized to Enhance Sales Abroad
  • Digital to Retail Incentive Loop

Retail Integration

Floor 84 Studio engaged fans of Barbie with a retail product conduit utilizing gamification through HTML5. F84 showcased the Barbie Fashionistas retail line with a cross-platform, digital brand extension to build anticipation for it's upcoming release.

Program Highlights:
  • Provided Pre-Release Product Support for new retail line
  • Visualized Product lines within a digital engagement platform
  • Maximized brand exposure to target demographic through games with measurable results

Theatrical Promotion

Floor 84 works with studios and distributors through all stages of movie products (Pre-release, release & post release) to create brand engagement through fun and familiar gameplay, complementary to product themes and sensibilities.

Program Highlights:
  • Native iOS & Android, Infinite-Runner Gameplay
  • Millions of Installs Provided Pre-Release product support to drive awareness
  • Resulting in increased theatrical ticket sales

Platforms & Technology

From HTML5 and Unity to Amazon Alexa, Apple TV, Facebook Instant Games and more, Floor 84 Studio produces content for all relevant platforms and technology needed for today and tomorrow’s mobile digital lifestyle. Through these, F84 is able to execute Multi-Platform Strategies and engage audiences on their preferred platforms..