DC Super Hero Girls: Hub App

DC Super Hero Girls: HUB App, is an all inclusive native mobile application that serves as a portal for everything Super Hero High.

DC, WB and Mattel joined forces with F84 to create the one stop mobile destination where fans can engage with the brand in numerous ways.

The application features a robust game collection, character Bios, Creative Photo Activity, Hero Creator and more all with a passive daily reward content unlock system for increased user retention and overall brand engagement. F84 developed the project from concept to launch and continues to support the Hub with routine content updates and live support.


  • Create your own Super Hero!
  • iOS 10 Stickers and Emojis: FREE super hero themed emojis and stickers of your favorite super heroes
  • Explore Super Hero High and the super-bios of the student body
  • Watch webisodes featuring all the DC Super Hero Girls!
  • Take pics and customize them in true Super Hero style!
  • Play fun mini-games like Katana Chop for endless hours of fun!
  • Super Hero Quizzes: Test your knowledge, discover your inner Super Hero and more!
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