Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues

Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues reinvents an American literary classic, beloved detective Nancy Drew, for a junior audience in this premium iOS and Android STEM focused children’s game.

As a developer of dozens of Jr. titles for Disney Jr., WB Kids and more, HER Interactive engaged F84 to create age appropriate game play focused around a classic case of “who done it” through linear storyline introducing sequencing and early programming logic to a junior audience.

Game Synopsis:
It’s an exciting time for River Heights fourth graders, Nancy, Bess and George! They’ve been selected to represent their school at the third annual Harrington Prep School Tech Fair. Once at Harrington Prep School the clue crew meets a new friend Alexa who is also entering the tech fair with a project of her own. Unfortunately Alexa’s project has gone missing! It’s now up to the Codes and Clues crew to solve the mystery of Alexa’s missing tech fair project. Play Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues to help Nancy and the clue crew solve the mystery of the missing tech fair project by collecting clues and programming their puppy!

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